About Us

Welcome to VanityPaws


Hi there dear friends, I'm "Miss Molly" my mum's best friend. 

I am 7 years old and a little Black English Staffordshire Terrier, living in the Sunshine state Queensland Australia. I have the traditional big shoulders and stumpy legs, mum calls me the "Keg on Legs". She loves my shape. 

I enjoy sleeping everywhere. I only move quickly if the words "Dinner, Chicken, Snack" are used. Also can magically appear when the fridge is opened. Mate have you tried Taco's, dam they are good!!! Love Taco Tuesday.

I have a baby, her name is Pearl. She's now 5 years old, English Staffordshire cross American Staffordshire. White with black spots and Just a bigger keg on legs. Pearl is also deaf. Mum and I had to learn a new way of communicating.  I taught her everything about been a quiet and patient dog. While mum learned dog sign language to talk to her. Pearl is a real gem. She follows me everywhere and sleeps touching me, so she knows when i try to sneak off to the fridge. 

We have 2 kitty companions, Felicity 14years old (Nana Cat) and looks stunning for her age. Soft white fur and not a mark on her. She's the smart and grumpy one of the family. Omg she will get up all of us if we do the wrong thing.  George is the youngest, 4 years old. A fluffy lazy ragdoll, who should have been a boy. But came home from the vets as a girl, Surprise!!!  George and Pearl are best friends. 

So you would think our house is loud, but we don't bark. We are a very quiet dogs, our neighbors got a real shock when they noticed us looking through the fence. Stealth and sneaky, but very friendly and loving.

Mum started VanityPaws so all of us could look stunning and beautiful all the time. Because she loves us all, nawww how cute. VanityPaws is about beauty and style, a classic look. VP Classic Fashion products can be warn for many years to come. An ever lasting dog wardrobe. VP launches only a few designs per year. Fresh Florals are our favourite style for the girls and bold clean lines for the boys. VP also has a limited number of trendy hipster fashion items. These are limited numbers and summer swimming styles. Bright and colourful so mum can see you swimming. 

What out about you? would you like to look stunning and beautiful as well? You are always stunning. 

Well friend, I think I hear snacks been made. Need to do a little magic, dam I hope its Tacos with extra cheese.

Cheers Miss Molly x x 

AKA: V-Dog